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A Place Where Luxury and Convenience Converge

Hey Ladies!

Oasis at Allenmore is new housing for women created for nurses on the go, career goal setters and students moving ahead in life. Each floor has studio- like rentals where luxury and convenience converge. Each suite is filled with ample natural lighting, tall ceilings, and a warm, inviting atmosphere that welcomes you home—they were created to provide upscale living at a cost you can afford. Oasis at Allenmore’s luxe studio living starts at $1150 monthly on a month to month lease with all utilities included. Large common areas, two kitchens, huge islands, your own private bathroom and free hi-speed internet throughout!


Look Inside

Amenities included are ultra-modern shared living spaces, furnished suites, state of the art technology, high-speed internet, spacious kitchen, select concierge services, and high-tech security monitoring. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, and make sure to schedule a viewing today. 


Community Partnerships

Since our inception, we have become known to many of the local housing agencies as an ideal place where woman can thrive. To date, our partners are; World Vision, Metropolitan Development Council, Tacoma Rescue Mission, Associated Ministries, Catherine's Place, Comprehensive Life Resources, and Salvation Army.

We are an organization driven by progressive ideas, inclusion, and a strong foundation of diverse support seeking to bring about change in our community.

To learn more about our commitment to our community, click the link below.


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